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Sensual Car Female Auto insurance more difficult to properly resolve the side chain after dominating the market

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Economy-era car to the market, automotive market after chain management business, where the trend is inevitable. As the saying goes. At home and abroad are now active in the auto market after the brand needs housing siege, extending the reach, to promote managed and can be strategic vision into effect, change the implementation of business ideas and models, with the to understand way to housing opportunities and markets, and lift the large waves in the passenger car market, but still the fruit!
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Automobile manufacturers in the developed countries, with serious struggle with the crisis years, China has launched "a very low-key", the. United States, Europe and Japan, sales veteran auto automobile power compared to the total sales in China has maintained rapid growth! to excel, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics, in January 2009, with the exception of China Light Vehicle Sales Scale for the first time in the United States. Accumulated sales from January to May 2009, an increase of almost 10% over the previous year, a record. After reaching the official statistics in 2010, car ownership in China is 57 million, owned 2020 cars in China reached 130 million. This means that China produced more than ever the world's largest passenger car market.
Industry with the image of the automotive industry in comparison, like a pyramid tower base, the automotive industry, the tower of a car culture, as the passenger car market after the service tower, this is where benefits the automotive industry. As China's automotive industry, high-speed development of China automobile market after the services sector and is also Usher historic opportunity. Revenue Comparison and macroeconomic growth are China's current low per capita car ownership of a large room for improvement. According to business consulting with BearingPoint in the market for Auto China after the analysis of the survey, after 2010, the passenger car market in China's $ 23,017,000,000, to reach second after Japan in Asia, the second place.

But despite the car market there is to explore the gold mine on the existence, allows read for everyone. However, when carefully analyzed, so the country does not really like the motto of the famous brand. While understanding the chain of large companies, the importance of competition as Synapse Chi, 100 interventions of the European Pais and other branded chain through the continuous development of the auto companies inland deliveries represented Oudebasi foreign brands, yellow hat, etc chain began to accelerate , distribution in China, Bosch, AC Deco products and service model chain also been considerable development potential. However, long-term development perspective, China's Auto Service are still growing chain at an early stage of development, many problems remain. out that for this purpose, Anley (Beijing) Automobile Service Chain Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Ye Wubin that the number of cars in China is still in the service chain brand testing phase, standardization extensive network of high buildings, is not less stable, headquartered chain management, testing and service support functions and status quo really strong chain "in the sense of national leadership brands have grown up.

Chain management should pay attention to methods (HC Maintenance Vehicle Maintenance Network) How can we better the companies are in the chain some problems? I think the solution is a critical form of heart "and put" Copy spirit of the problem! Chinese people like to follow the development of things, if you car market to do to win, then I have followed, if you make a chain of luck, and I make sure the chain. But not if they jump to check out of this plane, know the business, then it is to some extent in the edge of the cliff, he was himself. The capital of Marx were the things of any kind and should do the right things, Doing Business in the chain as well. Chain engaged as a business model, it was the rules of its own. to provide all businesses according to their culture's own corporate governance, integrating resources, the development of strategic objectives own development model, a chain business model with its own characteristics and control system to say this, that a simple chain to recruit franchisees to the extent of surgery . If the awareness and management in the administration of the methods, concepts, and traditional management methods, then, whether such a link "and" green "can not go together.